Access and mysql

Access to MySQL: Your Bridge to Efficient Database Management

Introduction to Access and MySQL

Access and MySQL is a Migration Tool, A software solution designed to simplify and streamline the process of transferring data between different database management systems. It allows users to migrate their data while minimizing downtime, reducing the risk of data loss, and ensuring data integrity.

  •  User-friendly wizard interface.
  •  Direct server-to-server data transfer.
  •  Ability to create dump files.
  •  Selective table and field transfer.
  •  Support for password-protected databases.
  •  Compatibility with shared and user-level security.
  •  Optional transfer of indexes, records, and default field values.
  •  Automatic identification and transfer of auto number field types.
  •  Command line interface for advanced users.
  •  Simple installation, uninstallation, and upgrades.

Using Access to MySQL

Access to MySQL

Select the file and tables you want to convert from Access to MySQL If your Access database requires you to log in you can specify the user name and password.

Connect MySQL server settings are specified in the given image below and connect, successful connection is established enter password if given then Select Target Database.

Next you will get source and target tables, select the target table and start the conversion by clicking next.

Save and Schedule Session at your desired time and preference, save it and click Next.

Click the start button to start conversion, you can click Browse DB to browse the database or Click Finish.

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